Travel wardrobe review

1 Jan

I haven’t posted for so long because I was away. Yup, it was a lovely trip, thanks!
And… my travel wardrobe was perfect – until about 2 weeks into the trip I was bored out of my mind wearing the same clothes over and over and went op-shopping. For the record, Goulburn has some great op-shops. My sister-in-law recommends one in Yass, but I didn’t manage to get there, sadly.

I was boringly strict about making sure everything matched absolutely everything else, and it worked brilliantly. Here is pretty much what I took:
Grey a-line skirt
Black trousers
Cargo trousers
A pinafore dress in a brown-purple.
4 t-shirts; green; grey; white; my favourite purple t-shirt with snoopy in the front.
2 long-sleeved t-shirts: turquoise; grey-green
1 long-sleeved top in soft blue
1 singlet: watermelon
1 pr lounging pyamas (which did wear to bed on occasion)
1 rayon sarong
1 lightweight red cardigan,
1 heavy-weight light blue cardigan
1 pr bright red velvet Mary Janes
1 pr blue-grey Mary-janes
Vibram five-fingers
A collection of hats and hosiery

I came home with all of the above except for the 2 prs of trousers – I didn’t like either enough to wear them up here in the dry season, so I just left them behind.

  • gorgeous red and black cotton dress “Made in Roumania” on the swing tag 🙂
  • dark brown with aqua floral print top courtesy of an op-shop in King’s Cross sydney. (My sister is jealous 😉
  • blue and beige top – “Katies” via the op-shop in Goulburn.

So, the conclusion is, it is very convenient and works a treat to pack well, apart from the fact it is incredibly boring.

3 Responses to “Travel wardrobe review”

  1. kbenco January 4, 2011 at 6:32 am #

    >That sounds like a very practical travel wardrobe, but I agree, terminal boredom sets in after wearing a limited palette for more than a week or so!Thank you for your kind comments re V7903. I have not made a Sandra Betzina pattern since – the draft is just too wrong for me. Re the upright back adjustment, I do this on dresses, by taking in the centre back seam above the waist or adding darts, but do not bother in blouses, as I spend a lot of my work (ie blouse wearing)life bent forwards, and need the room. Since I made this blouse I have added a square shoulder adjustment to most blouses.shirts and obtain a better neck fit that way.


  2. Thread of Light January 4, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    >Have you heard of the "6 items or less" challenge, where people wear only 6 items for a month? wearing my travelling wardrobe for 3 weeks I thought "Er, no thanks!"Did you get the V7903 to work in the end? If not, have you since found a better pattern?After learning more about the "Today's fit" patterns I won't be buying any either, however sounds like they would fit my mother with a minimum of bother – Except there wasn't a clear length adjustment for short people and mum is only 160cm tall.What do you do to achieve a "square shoulder adjustment" if you don't mind me asking? (As your shoulder/back/neck are so similar to mine I would be interested if that would help me too.)Again, thanks. I know it must have been very frustrating to try to get the blouse to work. I am grateful I can learn from your stress! I am going to try a different pattern – and do up a muslin first. I really want a good work-shirt pattern.


  3. Anonymous January 23, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

    >I guess travelling for 3 weeks would be a good test of whether a garment was in for the long haul or not.I don't think I could limit myself to 6 items for a month either.


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