My sister’s quilt, made by my mother

11 Jan

Finally! I can post this now my sister has received it at her home in London. This is my sister’s christmas present, made for her by my mother (sent late because we were all travelling round SE Australia together before christmas instead of being at our respective homes making christmas presents for each other). Ok, I have to say, mum consulted  with me quite a bit, just for the record. But it is her idea, and her sewing and her final say, regardless of what I suggested!

Here it is, my mum peeking over the top as she holds her beautiful quilt up.

And here is a close up of some of the details. 

There is a story behind it.

My sister lives in London with 2 cats, one black, one tortoiseshell. A while ago, when mum was visiting, a squirrel got into my sister’s flat, drawn through the open bathroom window by the warmth and catfood. Much to mum’s astonishment my sister’s two cats totally ignored it. Mum’s two little dogs love chasing any lizards, rats, or possums they can get near. My own cat would have been literally climbing the rafters in indignation at having her house invaded by such a strange creature. But not my sister’s cats! They simply didn’t react to it at all.
 My sister managed to eventually (two days later) to get the squirrel outside, after a bit of a chase round the kitchen.

My mother loved the concept of this “window quilt” having seen it on 

So when she decided to make my sister a quilt, her choice of theme was easy.
There are a few flower fairies on my sister’s quilt as well. My mother has some of the original flower fairy books by Mary Cecil Barker, given to her when she was a little girl. They are threadbare, the binding falling apart, and they are very well read, not just by mum but her two daughters. Our local quilt shop, Dragonfly Fabrics, is well stocked in flower fairy fabric, so of course some had to be included!

3 Responses to “My sister’s quilt, made by my mother”

  1. Josie Brady February 26, 2013 at 6:30 am #

    I don’t remember seeing this quilt before. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I have great admiration for your mother in having the patience to complete it.



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