My Daughter’s Dress and The Artistic Defacing of a Pattern Envelope.

30 Jan

Day 5

More tracing out of the pattern onto pattern-trace.  my DD helped again, a few more wonky lines drawn with the utmost attention, myself cringing as she crawled over the paper pattern, almost tearing it at times. (Where else does one trace patterns off with the help of kids, but on the floor?)

She stopped after a bit and disappeared into her room, leaving me to trace in peace (and clarify for myself which bit of the wonkiness she had drawn was the actual cutting line) presuming she had gotten bored.

But no, she reappeared not long after, and as I traced I saw her out the corner of my eye sit down beside me and start busily doing something. When I was able to look up from the line I was drawing, I realised she had gotten her coloured pencils and was busily ‘colouring in’ the dress in the pattern envelope picture over the original colours, with the colours her dress is going to be. Blue on the sleeves, pink on the main bit and purple ruffles on the skirt.

Looks like she has finally worked out how we are making her dress with the colours of fabric her Daddy brought for her rather than the colours pictured on the envelope.


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