Rosette Roundup – fabric flower tutorials and inspirations

12 Feb

A while ago I had the bright idea to make some fabric flowers to jazz up a pair of shoes.  I spend a wonderful half an evening exploring the world of fabric flower tutorials online. I was reminded of this after recently getting DD to cut out flower motifs for her dress.

How do you find tutorials on making fabric flowers?

A quick google will bring up heaps, so instead of reinventing the wheel and putting them all here, I will just point you to a few places that have plenty of links to tutorials.

Little Birdie Secrets and Tip Junkie both have a fabric flower tutorial and roundup

The Domestic Diva, as always, is has a helpful and inspiring collection of tutorials and information.

Different styles of fabric flowers. What intrigues me most, is the different styles of fabric flowers you can make. They seem to fall into three main categories:

Gathered flowers – either with a frayed petal edge such as is made in this tutorial by Maize Hutton

Maize Hutton frayed flower

Folded-petal edge gathered flower – made like the above flower but using a folded edge for the petal edge, instead of a frayed edge.

Individually-made-petal flowers – as shown in Pink Paper Peppermints

Pink Paper Peppermints folded edge gathered flowers

Layered flowers – layering of fabrics (or ribbons in some cases) together, and securing the layers, like Simply Vintage Girl shows. Her flowers are made in a synthetic, and the edges fixed by melting with a candle (as a bit of a pyromaniac the idea appeals!) but the edges in this style can be left frayed or even pinked.

layered petal flower

Folded fabric flowers, like these gorgeous roses from Burda Style (Hmm, it is Valentine’s Day soon…)

Burda Style folded roses

Simple folded style (I have seen this done with ribbons too) from Molly Chickens

Simple folded flower

Origami-inspired folded flower such as this one at Gone to Earth

Origami-inspired flower

And for those that can’t choose between them, here is a flower at Calamity Kim that involves all the above techniques!

Many different techniques go into the making of this lovely little flower

Edited 14/4/2011 to add a link to this burdastyle flower tutorial I just love it, and it is likely I will be making some for my wedding dress in the future.

What to do with these beautiful creations?

My immediate thought is, as a mother of a 5 yr old girl, I already have an answer! But there are plenty of things this grown up girl can think of for herself as well.

Some ideas:

  • clothing
  • hats
  • shoes
  • headbands, hair pins, barrettes, other hair accessories
  • brooches
  • home decorations
  • cushion embellishments
  • on the collar of the Sewing Goddess

Can you think of anything else?

The post-script on the shoes was that I sadly never got round to making the fabric flowers to embellish them. But the other day I was in Equip who was having a sale on hair accessories. Lo and behold, there were plenty of accessories adorned with fabric flowers. As a now-connosoir of the contruction of fabric flowers, I was able to see that with the exception of one folded-edge gathered flower, they were all layered, all synthetic, none without any edge finishing, thus left to fray delightfully.

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