Darwin’s turn for a cyclone

16 Feb

And how is this related to sewing, you ask?

Well…. Everything has closed up shop. The power supply is dodgy, going off, coming back on. Everything is battened down as it should be. Everyone is advised to stay at home unless it is essential.

How do you define essential?

The other day I took my baby, uh I mean my sewing machine in to see the sewing machine dr. Just a service, nothing scary or drastic. And it is still there. Probably finished by now, but even if the store was open (which I doubt) sadly, I don’t think I can really justify getting my sewing machine as “essential”.

Ok, I could justify it but I don’t think many other people would believe me.

So what to do?

Luckily for me I went to Spotlight the other day and  bought supplies to make some decoupaged storage boxes for my sewing paraphernalia. The base paint is taking forever to dry in the humidity, and I couldn’t seal them till they are dried out properly (Air-con is my friend!) but they are filling a gap.

I also have some silk to make a hair scarf for a good friend of mine. I am going to attempt a rolled hem for the first time in my life. Wish me luck!

And in the meantime I found a few goodies online. This pattern from patternwiki one reminded me startlingly of the Swing era dress in this picture. (I just love the combination of plain bright red and those flowers)

The pattern picture revealed a few differences, but not many. Still the same feel.

This one has style lines I have been thinking about for a long time – the princess-seams going from centre waist to the outer shoulder. I keep thinking “I could draft that myself, though.” But do I? er, no.

So here is a pattern with that very line.

On a totally different note this is rather sweet, from the Victoria Jones Collection

2 Responses to “Darwin’s turn for a cyclone”

  1. sarahk_2009 March 1, 2011 at 11:01 pm #

    That rose patterned dress is wonderful! I totally love it! I wish I had your sewing skills! My husband got me a sewing machine for Christmas, but I still really haven’t broken it in yet, I’ve been too busy with crocheting. lol.

    I wanna make that Victoria Jones Collection dress though, it’s so sweetheart looking! 🙂 ❤


    • Tropical Threads March 2, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

      I just love that rose fabric, and the application of it with the . Oh yeah, love the pattern too!
      That Victoria Jones one is really nice, isn’t it? if you are just learning to sew it should be pretty easy to do.

      Funny enough I do heaps of crochet too! Too hot in Darwin for fluffy hats and stuff, so I do the thin cotton lace stuff as embellishment on my clothes. I have just finished a few tops, complete with crochet, gotta take piccies then blog about them 🙂


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