These natural disasters are cramping my sewing style!

5 Mar

My brother-in-law was badly injured in the Christchurch earthquake. For a while there I thought I was going to NZ for a funeral. It was awful.

However, thankfully my bil is going … ok. Alive, not great, but ok. *phew* A trip to NZ may still be on the cards, but not the rush it was before.

I didn’t get any sewing done for a few weeks. Surprised?! And I am TOTALLY behind on the Swing Era dress sew-along. *sigh*

With life returning to normal (mostly – I also got a new computer and am still sorting that side of things out) I have been sewing again. Mostly accessories – mostly for my hair. Piccies to follow when I have the computer working fully.

Today I’m starting on this dress from BurdaStyle. I am calling it Weaver’s dress (Too much fantasy writing, I know I know. But my characters must be well dressed!)

Weaver's dress

This is the magazine’s version of it. Too girly for what I am after.

Here is one BurdaStyle member’s version with a few adjustments. I LOVE it!

Coffee with Tim Burton dress

Because it was an e-pattern download, the kitchen counter has been seconded as a Grown Up Kindergarten while I stickytape the pattern together. The BurdaStyle downloads have markings to help guide putting it together from A4 sheets, unlike the Swing Era dress e-pattern. These make it sooooo much easier to do.

Last but not least, while on BurdaStyle I found an article on bias tape and its potential for embellishment, especially vintage-style ones. Much fun!

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