Why didn’t I start this blog earlier?

19 Mar
Random page of my sewing visual diary

This is a random page from my sewing visual diary, the place where all my sewing and craft thoughts, ideas, inspiration and techniques have been stored - until I started this blog.

I have been playing round with the “pages” feature on this blog. I am loving it!

So far I have a list, limited to 3 so I don’t get overwhelmed (well technically it is, in practise… weeeelll…..) of sewing projects on the go, plus crochet and other craft projects I have on the go. I’ve been updating it as I finish things.

I then have a list of sewing projects and craft projects completed this year.

And just added, a list of things I want to make. Ahem. I have only just started filling that one out, and already I have about 10. I admit a few are just mending or finishing off, but hey…

Last but not least, as a bit of a carrot for myself, I have a list of alterations and mending. I HATE mending. I would rather sew a new piece of clothing from scratch. But I hate waste, or losing a fave item even more. I think as the carrot, I will give myself one chocolate frappe for every thing I finish and cross off on this list!

For the last 8 yrs I have had this sort of thing in my sewing visual diary, and, come to think of it, a Stash Inventory there as well. But they have been pretty messy and hard to keep track of.

Where my visual diary has come into its own is recording ideas for designs, clothing, techniques, working out the steps needed for a specific project etc. I also have pages of working out my wardrobe and the next item of clothing I could do with making. Here is a random page, as is the one at the beginning of this post.

Random page of my sewing visual diary

These are sketches of Jeannie Gunn's dresses(circa 1902) at the Elsey Station Replica, Mataraka, NT

Because I have that I didn’t feel the need for a blog, but having got this far into my blog I am really appreciating the format that allows me to adjust and change as my sewing projects change. I also love this “pages” feature!

One of the hardest things is how visual my creativity is, and how hard I have been finding it to take photos and get them up here. It isn’t really reflecting my creative process too well. Yet. I’m working on it!

My sewing visual diaries are irreplaceable. I will definitely continue to keep them, but this new sewing space is wonderful in its own right.

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