The shape of 1950’s clothing

20 Mar

Sophia Loren

According to the Couture Allure Fashion Blog, the shape of 1950’s clothing was made to fit the proportions of a waist 10′ smaller than the bust, and the hips 2″ bigger than the bust.

One of the most common comments I have read about 1950’s clothing, patterns included, is how the waist is so tiny compared to their own.

In contrast I tend to look at 1950’s fashion -especially clothes patterns – and drool. Oh so little adjustment to get it to fit me! Oh the shape is so close to mine!

Now I know, I am not dreaming. I of course had to check! My waist is 9″ smaller than my bust and my hips are 2″ bigger. Huh!

I have to say, it took me a looooong time to come to er… not hate… my body shape. As a teenager all I could see were my “huge” hips and embarrassingly big bust. It took till I was doing belly-dancing when 20, in my first performance, and an older woman helping me to fasten my hipscarf exclaimed “Oh, you have a perfect hourglass figure!”  to realise my figure wasn’t lumpy and ugly. No, it was “hourglass”.

And it took me another decade, give or take, to learn how to dress my figure flatteringly, without apologising for it. (I could dress it flatteringly for most of my life, luckily, I just hated it! Often trying to minimise the curvy look.)

Sophia Loren helped.  The first time I saw the photo at the top of the post my jaw dropped. My god, if she can have big hips, big thighs, tiny waist, big bust and not-stick-thin arms, SO CAN I!!! (I wish I could have that smooth olive skin too but alas, the Irish ancestry disallows it.)

As for this one – wow, not much airbrushing going on here. She’s human! Who could have guessed it?


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