Men’s costume/historical shirt pattern roundup, or: What will he wear to our wedding Pt 1

12 May

My darling fiance (aka DF)  felt left out from all the Wedding dress discussion and none of his Wedding shirt. Especially as he has agreed to wear a  “girly” lacy, romantic shirt.

And … he seemed to think I ought to sew his shirt too. I was thinking of simply ordering one from somewhere like this Most Awesome Site In The Entire Universe. (aka known as Gallery Serpentine)

Ahhh. Can’t resist putting some examples up! Why, I ask, does he want me to sew him a shirt when we could deck him out from the Most Awesome Site In The Entire Universe in this?

Cravat shirt from Gallery Serpentine

Cravat shirt from Gallery Serpentine

Or this?

Mr Darcy Waistcoat from Gallery Serpentine

Weeellll… actually I think it has something to do with how much I love him and how every stitch of a shirt sewn by me would be stitched full of my love for him. (ok ok, don’t groan, I know that is sadly sentimental and my Very British Mother would roll her eyes, but hey, I am marrying him for a reason, ok!) (Besides, mum would secretly think that was terribly sweet of me :-P)

Never fear, though, as unlike the trepidation that fills me with the thought of sewing all that silk into a wedding dress, I once made my brother* a “poet’s shirt” (or in his case, and opera-singer’s shirt), and it was fairly easy. In fact I made the pattern myself using a standard man’s dress shirt as a base.

So huh! I’m not scared of them! (but don’t quote me on this. Especially you, DF!)

But since I don’t know where that pattern went, here are some commercial pattern examples for him to consider:

McCalls 5446 Men's and children's pirate costume. Don't worry darling, I'm not suggesting the make-up, just the shirt 😛

The following are technical drawings of 3 sets of patterns, each with 4 variations in them. (Blokey-talk – they love “Technical” things. I feel very proud of myself for speaking in his language, here.)

McCalls 4862 Misses' and Men's poet shirts.

I think in the above I like the one with the sash the best.

Butterick 4486 Men's costume shirts

I don’t particularly like any of these above, but I am perfectly happy to sew any of them if they takeDF’s fancy 😉

Butterick 5008 Men's costume shirts

I rather like the top-right one with the little ruffle round the collar. And now I think of it I do like the ruffle at the cuffs, too.

Butterick 4574 Men's costume shirts

And for the next one, I know running round Sherwood Forest is a part of my ancestry, not yours, DF, but just think about the style of the shirt 😛 (Though I’m happy happy to make you the vest and cute hat as well if you bat your lashes hard enough.)

These next ones are from Folkwear. The piccies aren’t that great but if you click in each one it will take you to their page, which shows the pattern off a lot better.

Folkwear 117 Misses' and mens' Croatian Shirt

Folkwear 202 Victorian shirt

Folkwear 217 Misses' and mens' poet shirts

Folkwear 204 misses and mens Missouri River Boatman's shirt. This is almost exactly like the shirt I made for my brother. Really really nice.

A few more links – but to be honest, they are all starting to look very similar…

I could go over this and edit it to be either talking directly to DF or about him instead of swapping between the two, but I think it would probably make him laugh as it is 🙂

*I just googled my bro to see if I could find an easy-to-grab piccie of him and instead found this book he wrote. I am so proud of him!

4 Responses to “Men’s costume/historical shirt pattern roundup, or: What will he wear to our wedding Pt 1”

  1. pondhopper May 14, 2011 at 7:12 pm #

    So he’s going to be all sexy-romantic!
    Those shirts are definitely all that.
    I really do like the simplicity of the last photo best!


    • Tropical Threads May 16, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

      He is! Well, I think he is all the time anyway 😀

      I like that last one too. But DF felt if he was going to do the whole ruffly girly thing he should just go all the way. I am not complaining though 🙂


  2. Myrhiann May 26, 2011 at 6:04 am #

    Butterick 5008 with the jabot is the one that appeals to me. He is very masculine, so it would highlight that, where a less masculine bloke would look – well, less masculine.


    • Tropical Threads May 26, 2011 at 12:20 pm #

      Hi Myrhiann! The jabot is the sort of waterfall thing down the front? (sorry, so ignorant, in spite of all those Georgette Heyer I read!)
      Yes I do think a shirt like that would highlight his masculinity, rather than diminish it. I have been trying to work out what size I would need to get for him. He isn’t that big in the chest but he takes Large size in ready-to-wear because his shoulders are so broad. I need to really take a look at the sizing and think it through.

      He really likes McCalls 4862, the one with the sash, for the record!


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