My sister’s apron

7 Jun

My birthday present for my sister this year was an apron made out of the leftover squares of floral fabric used in the quilt mum made her.

Here it is on me. I am a tad taller than my sister but apart from that we are pretty similar in figure. I based it on the Amy Butler Domestic Goddess apron pattern. I’ve made 3 of them, and another half made. Get the impression I love that pattern? 😛

I confess, the impetus for this design was expense. I would love to make an apron out of Amy Butler fabrics, but they are soooo expensive. The pattern was scarily expensive, and on top of that it was all a bit much. All those leftover squares of beautiful (and expensive) quilting cottons seemed like a good way of having my cake without having to pay for it. And mum, happily, was just glad to see the remnants being “put to good use”.

I have done a pattern review of this pattern on but as I haven’t yet worked out how to get that groovy widget that links to my reviews, to work on WordPress, here is the link. If anyone knows how to get that widget working on WordPress, please let me know!

The process for the apron was:

  • Measured size of skirt from the pattern. The skirt pattern had minor shaping at the edges but I decided to ignore it, because it wouldn’t make any real difference in how the pattern worked, and be a lot easier for me to make up out of patchwork.
  • Laid out all the squares, fiddle with their arrangement till I liked it.
  • Carefully picked up each square in a row, in the right order, pinned them together with a quilting safety pin, and a piece of paper with the row number on it.
  • Overlocked (4 threads) the seam of each square of each row, in order. Went mad pressing every single seam (12 seams, 13 squares per row, 11 rows)
  • Pinned the rows together, carefully “Pattern-matching” the joins of each square. Overlock, press. (not quite so mad. Less rows, longer seams)
  • Realise it looked a whole lot better with the arrangement upside down compared to the original one. (Thanks mum!) Turned it upside down and proceeded from there.
  • Picked the fabrics from more remnants to make the ties, waistband and gathered top. Cut them out.
  • Sewed the skirt together as per instructions, but placing the pleats to match the squares more neatly.
  • Sent to sister and got anxious in case she didn’t appreciate how much work and love I had put into it.
  • Receive a joyous phonecall from sister who, of course, understood how much work and love had gone into it!
  • Tell sister I wanted her to wear it and use it, and enjoy it, not fold it away in a cupboard thinking it was too precious to ever use.
  • Hang up phone eventually, feeling very very happy!

2 Responses to “My sister’s apron”

  1. Myrhiann June 8, 2011 at 5:40 am #

    That really was a labour of love, but what a beautiful garment it turned out to be.


  2. Tropical Threads June 8, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    Yes to both! I remember now, I made the bodice an inch shorter than the pattern, for my sister. She said it fit her perfectly 🙂


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