Wedding dress trial – Ladies’ 1780 Portrait Dress bodice

8 Jun

Further to this post discussing the wedding dress trial, here is an update.

The bodice, all made up but no gathering or finishing off.


The bodice back, showing the seam detailing highlighted by flat-fell seams. The waist sits unevenly but I think it is because it is so light. It is likely to sit properly when  it has the weight of the skirt pulling down on it evenly, so I made no adjustments


The following pictures are 2 sash options. Top is a lovely light blue that brings a daytime freshness to it. Bottom is the darker one, that lends itself to a more evening look. The colours in the pictures are awful *sigh* I hope I can get better ones with the finished dress. I have no idea if each one will work. It is hard to visualise them in the finished dress for some reason. I figure if they don’t, I can go get another few options from the fabric store 😛





2 Responses to “Wedding dress trial – Ladies’ 1780 Portrait Dress bodice”

  1. Myrhiann June 9, 2011 at 4:52 am #

    It is coming along well, and fits well. Either of the sashes would be good with it; as you say, one for day and another for evening.


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