Dry Season cardigan in bamboo Mmmmm!

14 Jun

[This first bit makes more sense if you understand I wrote it on Monday, and left it to today to (hopefully) proofread before I posted it.]

Perhaps I am very just a very parochial Territorian, presuming all Australia had a public holiday today. So I was startled to receive confirmation my beautiful yarn had just been posted to me. Did the woman that runs Bubs 2 Grubs where the yarn is from, have connections in Australia Post who send things for her on a public holiday? Or is it only the NT that has the Queen’s Birthday public holiday today?

Turns out W.A. is the only state that doesn’t have the Queen’s Birthday public holiday this weekend. They had Foundation Day last weekend, though. Maybe they are just sensible and set out their public holidays much better than they do in the NT 😛

I found this pattern on the most amazing website I’ve seen since Ravelry – Drops Designs, who offer an incredible, and beautiful array of free knit and crochet patterns. Go check it out!

This is the yarn! “Freedom Gorgeous” in “Clover” colour. Yum!

“Produced from a fabulous combination of Bamboo and nylon, Freedom Gorgeous 8ply is one of the silkiest softest yarns available. Ideal for babies and children with its beautiful pastel colours.”

A chat with my mother about ease of care and hardiness of yarns convinced me the 15% nylon is a good thing. I love love love every bamboo yarn I have ever met – so soft and slithery! I am looking forward to getting this stuff 🙂

I agonised over the colour, I tell you. I really wanted a variegated colourway. But I am currently crocheting some very pretty shell wristwarmers from Drops Design website in a variegated “Berry mix” colourway wool yarn. But but but! Oh no! You couldn’t see the pretty shell pattern because of the riot of colours. (click on picture to see the pattern)

Don’t worry, they look lovely, but the shells that attracted me to these wrist-warmers aren’t going to be seen. Ah well.

But I learnt my lesson. The thing I love about the cardigan the lacy pattern. I would be very sad to put so much effort into it and not see the pattern. That focused my choice to a single-colour yarn.

What colour, though? My fiancee suggested choosing the colour based on how it makes me feel. (Clever dude. See why I am gonna marry him?) I also needed to take into consideration the fact I will probably be wearing this for approximately 4-6 weeks every year, so it will be with me oh, say 10 yrs minimum? The colour has to last the distance. Kerryn, who I had my colour analysis with, would probably suggest a basic colour – for me those are greys, blues and cool beige. Blues make me feel cold in a jumper. Grey is my wardrobe staple. I might totally not notice the specialness of this piece above all the other grey. Sadly, beige tends to depress me.

There is, though, one called “Rose beige”, close to my skin colour. Colours that occur naturally in my body/face are flattering. This clover is close enough to that rose beige, (though a darker shade) to function as a basic colour, but with a gorgeous dash of purple. I love it! It makes my heart lift when I see it. A very good reason to choose a colour!

5 Responses to “Dry Season cardigan in bamboo Mmmmm!”

  1. Myrhiann June 15, 2011 at 6:47 am #

    The colour you have chosen is lovely, and should show the pattern off to perfection.


    • Tropical Threads June 15, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

      It came in the post today! Awesome. That was so quick.

      That site does have a lot of lovely things in it, doesn’t it? *happy sigh*


  2. Carolyn June 15, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    Those are some beautiful knitting/crochet patterns. I just love the wristwarmers. Will have to check this out. And no, it wasn’t just the NT having the Queen’s birthday holiday on Monday, in fact it was for all of Australia except for WA! According to my calendar…
    Happy knitting!


  3. kbenco June 17, 2011 at 2:38 pm #

    That will be such a pretty cardigan. I love the yarn you have chosen.



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