Simplicity 5594 pink paisly top

20 Jun

Dreaming of warmer days…

Haha! Yes I AM in Darwin and yes I did write that opening. The sad thing is I have made 3 things in the past few weeks that are TOO COLD to wear. I threw them in the back of the cupboard coz one day soon they won’t be.

But how depressing to sew things I can’t wear yet! I don’t remember this happening to me before. It is an unusually cold year, that is all I can say, thus I am changing my sewing tack (more about that later). I have already with the crochet, here. (Yarn came, is gorgeous! Yumyum! and have started 🙂

In the meantime here is a top for a warmer day – one of those I have been meaning to get round to blogging about eventually. As you can see, if you wear this top with a skirt that sits on your hips, your bellybutton is on display 😛 Here is a dodgy mirror photo, sorry, all I have.

I couldn’t resist buying the craft cotton fabric as I loved the colour and pattern so much, but was very modest and only bought 1.2m. This top took very little, in spite of the peplum and sleeves being circular.



Back view. One day I will make my back waist-neck short enough … (or not stand so straight for photo shoots?)


And for anyone like me who is curious as to things half-made, here it is, well, half-made. It was big. I took a LOT out of the centre section. Fortunately I could do that without throwing the princess seams out.


  • It really didn’t look “finished” until I edged it with that lace. I am not sure if this is the top style, or the fairly busy print that needed some kind of definition?
  • I used hook-and-eye fastenings down the front instead of the recommended buttons. I like this a lot! I will use it more, I think.
  • The pattern was huge, so I took it in a bit.
  • Plenty of scope for playing with – now the bodice pattern fits nicely it will be easy to play with neckline, sleeves and peplum. I am even considering it as a dress bodice and drafting my own skirt to it.
  • The craft cotton which was very pretty, and appropriate for the peplum and bodice, but I really don’t like the lack of fall in the flounced sleeves. It wasn’t as I expected from the diagrams and photo. I was using the kind of fabric recommended.
  • I added in the tie at the back as it was too big in the back too and that helped draw it in.
  • Fun! And the sweet fabric pattern suits the style very nicely, the style and colour suit me. And after a few reassurances about the flouncy sleeves from others, I found it easy to get over them.
  • It is beautifully cool to wear (!)
My review of this pattern is here.
Craft cotton $8m x 1.2 = $11 (ish)
Lace $3
Hook-and-eye-tape $6
Total $20
And just for the giggle factor, here are a few other versions of the pattern! A “cinderella” outfit for girls, and this one below (click on link to go to place selling it.)






2 Responses to “Simplicity 5594 pink paisly top”

  1. Myrhiann June 21, 2011 at 4:17 am #

    That’s a very pretty top, and it shows off your figure beautifully.


    • Tropical Threads June 24, 2011 at 11:46 am #

      Thanks Josie! It makes me feel very pretty inside, when I wear it. I eyed that fabric off for ages in the shop and am glad I finally bought it!


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