Simplicity 8872 – call me a twit if you like …

26 Jun

It’s ok, I can handle it. I mean hey, I feel like a twit! I spent a lot of time earlier this year tracing off and trying to fit a new work-shirt style top but never really got it worked out and finished.

There I was this afternoon sorting out my patterns and found a work shirt pattern already traced off and fitted years ago (like about 8 yrs ago, back before I got ill, and resultant weight changes. I am finally healthily back to a similar size to then so the pattern should be about right). I had even added in a bust dart to improve the fit in that area. Wow, how organised of my former self.

I remember this pattern. It is a really good one!  Simple, clean lines, nicely fitting, flattering in a suitably no-nonsense worky kinda way. Wow, a TNT work shirt pattern already traced off and ready to go? yippeee !!!


And just for the fun of it, here are the other versions of this pattern I found available on the interwebs (click on the images to go to websites):





2 Responses to “Simplicity 8872 – call me a twit if you like …”

  1. Laura Rittenhouse June 27, 2011 at 9:11 am #

    Now you have a great pattern – what about your moratorium on buying new fabric? Can you resist the temptation or do you have some hidden under your bed?


    • Tropical Threads June 27, 2011 at 10:09 am #

      Aha! the whole thing of not buying any more fabric is to use up all the stuff I have already. I have about 5 lengths of fabric suitable …


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