What happened to the wedding dress trial?

9 Jul

Well, I had the neckline all basted and ready to gather, and still – still wondering whether to ruffle or not to ruffle when…

It got cold. Freezing even. The temperature plummetted past the usual 17-18C dry season nights right down to 13C. One night it was even closer to 12C than 13C. *shudders*

I just can’t do it. I just can’t sew clothes I know I can’t start wearing immediately. I am an instant gratification kinda girl, and that voile is soooooo insubstantial, there was no way I’m putting that trial wedding dress on any time soon. In fact, even the thought of putting it on for a fitting was too shivery. (Ask me again in November and even that voile will be too thick ;-P)

So I put it aside. I put all my clothes sewing aside in favour of concentrating on my cardigan, for the same reason – the cold. But also, and I honestly thought I would never get to this point, I looked in my wardrobe and realised I have enough clothes.

After I picked myself up from where I had fallen on the floor in shock, I realised I have to do something about this. No, not a wardrobe purge to start again. I have enough GOOD clothes that I love.

I had a brainwave

I could do something else. Maybe … more handcrafts! (no no, don’t quote me on that if the next post is dressmaking :-P)

Specifically, to expand on selling some. I know selling handcrafts is not the most lucrative activity, but if I make enough to cover the costs of the next project, that is pretty good. Good for my need to create, good for my bank balance, and much much nicer to think of the beautiful things I make being used and appreciated, rather than in the back of the cupboard forlornly gathering dust.

Here are some piccies of the stuff that went to the Happy Yess Markets. Things didn’t sell so well, but I am not surprised – it just isn’t that kind of gig. (but a great sense of community, and enjoyable, which is the main thing 🙂

This is a rainbow fairy charm. When hung in the sun (from the long white ribbon so neatly wound here) it creates little chinks of rainbow lights. I love physics. It is pure magic!



Crochet flower phone charms.



And my absolute fave – this idea came from my need for a new library bag. Choice (the Australian Consumer Association) said in a cradle-grave analysis of environmental footprints, polypropylene bags (those sturdy ones you can get at every grocery store these days) come out in front of calico bags because cotton is so demanding on the environment – especially our Australian one.

So this knowledge + the need for a new library bag + an instantaneous love affair with these happy owl panels I found + this bag. I tried one out at the library the other day, and it is perfect, just perfect! Big, strong and sturdy, and sits comfortably over my shoulder even when laden with lead heavy books

2 Responses to “What happened to the wedding dress trial?”

  1. Myrhiann July 10, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    The bag turned out well. I love it! The charms are lovely too. Turning out loveliness should keep you happily occupied until the weather warms up. Its waaay cold here, I hardly dare to go out the door. There was snow falling with the rain today.


    • Tropical Threads July 10, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

      Snow? gees, that is a bit extreme. Well ok, not for Hobart, but still… My sister loved her bag. Mum took a piccie of her with it for me in Paris. And one of her in her top under the Eiffel Tower, gotta post them here!

      Stay warm Josie!


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