Simplicity 3559 – purpleypaisley dress wip.

24 Jul

My purpleypaisley dress is refusing to sew up according to plan.

Firstly, I put the collar on kinda upside-downy on the dress!  Oops! I ❤ my unpicker 🙂 Two inside square seams (very pain in the rear end, technically) done beautifully and I had to unpick them WAGH!!! “No matter,” I reassure myself, “I am sure it was Very Good Practise.”
Anyway, I did the collar again… then realised I sewed it on to the wrong side. ARGH!!!
So I undid it and as I started sewing it again, I wondered how many ways there are to get a collar wrong? I decided I didn’t want to know, and just sewed, and YAY! got it right that time!
So I started on the facing and interfacing for the collar. And … got it wrong.
So I unpicked it and sewed it right. YAY!
Then I tried it on around my neck and the two layers – undercollar and interfacing were too too hot. And that was even without the outer collar. I decided I had been reading too many blogs on how to sew properly by doing things like interfacing, and forgetting the reason I usually leave it out is because who wants an extra layer in this climate?
So I tried to just cut most of the interfacing out. I did it wrong, so ended up having to unpick it. Did I mention how much I love to hate my unpicker?
I finally sewed it all together and tried it on. And … realised I hadn’t adjusted the front neckline to accommodate and fit with the changes to the back neck I made for fitting my short waist. I tried to take a photo but my camera batteries were flat.
Ok ok, this isn’t a tragedy! I unpicked it. Did I mention how much I hate my unpicker?
I cut the neckline into a v neck sans collar.
One has ones limits.
 It will end up being a sort of squarish sweetheart neckline. I hope.
While I had it on I tried out different hem-lengths in the mirror. Just above the knee doesn’t look as good as just below the knee.
I had also been thinking it may be nice without sleeves. (Cooler, easier to wear) But just to check, I tried used a bit of fabric to simulate the look of a little capped sleeve – and … it sang!
Honestly, you could hear the little dress singing its heart out. Beautifully.
So I had better make it with the little sweetheart neckline, the cap sleeves and the longer hem so it can sing all the rest of its life. *smiles*

3 Responses to “Simplicity 3559 – purpleypaisley dress wip.”

  1. Myrhiann July 25, 2011 at 5:59 am #

    It seems as though you will end up with a very pretty and comfortable dress, in spite of the mishaps.


    • Tropical Threads July 25, 2011 at 11:03 am #

      yes, should do, fingers crossed.

      I can’t get over how many mistakes I made. Went beyond frustration and into comedy about halfway through!


  2. Katherine July 28, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    Well, on days like this one was for you, bra sewing would take me a long time. On a good day, it would take me about 2 hrs, from cutting to completion. I’m a pretty slow sewer. I don’t need to read instructions for bras anymore, so it does go fairly smoothly. I’m guessing that undies take me less than 1/2 hr, but I have not timed this either.

    Thanks for your graphic designer input. I will put a blue bow on the bra when I get a chance to buy some ribbon.


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