Buy nothing new in October?

6 Oct

I reckon I can do that! Excessive consumerism is an issue close to my heart, so I am putting my sewing machine where my mouth is, biting the bullet and not buying anything new for the rest of the October. (I think I have mixed my metaphors :-P)

Restrictions as a catalyst for creativity is something I have been exploring lately. Thinking of a conversation with my brother years ago… he is a composer, and I too studied music composition (for about 5 mins ;-P). I remember asking him “Don’t you find the rules [of western music] stifling?”

He replied “No, I find them freeing.”

The past 6 months saw me carefully not buying any new fabric, in an attempt to do some stash-busting. I now understand more clearly what my brother meant. This restriction has done me, my cupboard space, and most of all, my creativity a world of good.

(I did buy supplies to complete projects already started, like you know, green thread or whatever. And, I confess, I still mooned over fabrics whenever I went to the store to buy said green thread. I also bought a number of sewing patterns, in what seemed to be an attempt to buy fabric-by-proxy “Oh I could so see this in a pretty red and white polkadot cotton sateen”)

A few days ago I saw the “Buy nothing new in October” campaign featured on tv, thought “oh, kewl!” then promptly forgot  about it. Last night, reading Shelly’s DIY blog, I saw her post on the campaign, complete with a link to the relevant website (thanks Shelly 🙂 and took the pledge too.

Where does my sewing machine come into this? Well, I will add my own sewing twist to it – I will not start sewing anything new for the month of October.

Why? Well I confess, my UFOs are starting to swamp me. And I wonder whether some level of restriction there might help me along. If, say, all I can do is sew UFOs, I might find myself making them interesting enough to actually finish some of them.

Oh ok… I have bought new things already this month, she confesses as she hangs her head in shame. Blue shoe polish, and a blue bag.

My mother needed a new handbag that could fit in it her new BFF, aka her kindle. (My mother broke her kindle a while back, and she cried. Literally cried. My mother is British, and as we* all know, British People Don’t Have Emotions. The kindle was replaced under warranty – much kudos to Amazon! Their support team were fantastic, not only replacing the kindle for free, but doing a bit of emotional counselling for my poor distraught mother!)

Oh, er, yeah, the blue bag…  Mum needed moral support in buying her new kindle-fitting handbag – as you do! I have strong suspicions santa is giving me a kindle for christmas, (I’m so excited!) and my own handbag doesn’t fit a kindle. While doing Daughterly Moral Support Duty, I found an absolutely divine blue bag, which just so happened to fit a kindle in it…

After buying it, I promptly gave the bag to my mother to hide until christmas, so I could have them all as a christmas present – kindle; handbag that fits it in; and, very importantly, a kindle cover, in case of *coughs* dropping it accidentally on our hard ceramic tiles because I fell asleep while reading said kindle. Not that I know anyone who has done that, oh no!

So perhaps the bag doesn’t count, seeing how I am not using it at yet? (she says, conveniently forgetting about the new shoe polish!)


*Where “we” = children of British parents ;-P

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