Blue shoes of happiness

3 Nov

(to misquote Alexander McCall Smith)

I’ve finally made the blue shoes I bought in Freo  a consistent colour! These shoes weren’t both quite the same colour when I bought them, because one had faded to a dirtier version of the original colour while on display. The proprietor of the shop would have ordered in a new, unaffected pair it was my second-to-last day in Freo and to freight them to Darwin was unreasonably expensive. So we worked out a discounted price we were both happy with.

I could have just worn them as they were, and I bet only I would have noticed. (Oh ok, probably all the friends I pointed the fading out to would also notice ;-P) but Ms Perfectionist wanted them looking the same.

I discovered upon returning to Darwin that blue shoe colourings come in navy or navy. And my almost-beautiful blue shoes are light blue. (The light blue ones in the middle.)

I tried a number of things, from renovating shoe polish in navy, to oil pastels, but sadly nothing carried the colour to the shoe evenly. Oh no!

But this afternoon I found the solution (I hope!). Years ago I used to make shaman drums, painting designs on the drum faces with  folk art acrylic paints. Given the wear and tear a drum face goes through, such as the striker hitting it repeatedly, the constant vibrations, and the myriad things done to it to keep it dry, and thus in tune in this humid climate (like drying over a fire, or with a hairdryer) the folk art acrylic paints proved surprisingly durable.

Also, recently, I touched up the green colour on my bowhunting hipbag with folk art acrylic paint. That paint, too, has stayed put with no flaking, after a bit of hard wear thrown at it on my recent hunting trips. So, I’ve tried the paint on my Blue Shoes of Happiness. I figure even if it only lasts a few months, I still have the paint to re-touch the shoes with. And the wet season is probably going to be its worst enemy, but hey, it is every shoe’s worst enemy, so nothing changed there.

The colour is “light periwinkle”, which I had left over from decoupaging my jewellery boxes, which, I just realised, I haven’t blogged about. How remiss of me! I diluted the paint a bit so I could work it more easily around the stitching etc. And… they look fantastic! Mmmmm

As a bonus, I think I may have found the solution to my gold dancing shoes. They are a delicate gold, so much nicer than most gold shoes out there and are handmade in Australia by a Brisbane shoe company whose name has long worn off the inside of the shoe. I love love love them. But they are looking a bit worse for wear. If my Blue Shoes of Happiness stay, well, happyness-inducing, I will investigate a suitable shade of metallic gold folk art paint for my gold dance shoes. After no-new-purchases October, of course 🙂

And last but not least, a big happy birthday to my brother, Simon, my cousin Bronwyn and in memory of my late Gran, who all share today as their birthday!

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