I love dot-points! or: rethinking my blog format

21 Jan

I’ve come to a realisation: I love to sew. I love to write. But writing about sewing? Er, nope, just not my thing. Well hey, it is good to know these things about oneself. I have yet to discover how I feel about sewing about writing…

I’ve been thinking about this blog. What to do with it, seeing how keeping up with it just ain’t happening as things stand.

A large part of the reason I started it was because I’d been reading sewing blogs for a couple of years, and learned so much, discovered so much and been so inspired by them. I wanted to give something back. Some of the experiences, the learning and inspiration to any other sewers/sewists/dressmakers (hey whatever the word for it is these days). And if my “ARGH!!! the sizing on this pattern ran small!!!” helped some other person have a bit less hassle with a pattern and a bit more success and enjoyment from using it, then that is a Good Thing.

Part of why I am not really keeping up with my blog is the format I was trying to write – fairly similar to most sewing blogs out there, just isn’t useful to me personally. I already keep a visual diary full of sewing sketches, info, summing up of the clothes I’ve made, you name it, it is in there.

What WOULD be useful to me is a visual record of the finished garments, along with those notes I’ve made as I go along. Also, a record of cost, and how useful the garment was/is to me as part of my overall wardrobe.

And I love dot points. I thought I’d mention that. I love writing them, but more, I love reading them. Dot points and graphs and other less solid-block-of-writing, and more pictury ways of presenting info.

Late the other night I conceived of a Plan. Here, in dot points is my Plan.

Make up a personal blog template with the following headings:

  • Garment name (coz all garments get Named at some point in their journey from inspiration to finished and being worn. This has happened with my sewing ever since I first started, and from other people’s blogs, sounds like it is exceedingly common. See why I love sewing blogs so much?!)
  • Pattern name/number including piccie
  • Fabric/trims/notions used
  • Piccie of finished garment
  • Inspiration (for the garment)
  • Useful info. Here is where I stick all the ARGH!!! Sizing is big/small; instructions were confusing, did the collar this way instead; etc.
  • Cost. I plan on using Caroline’s number-and-fabric-crunching system because I agree with her, what she has outlined seems the best way of making sense of all the different costs of sewing. The breakdown in simple terms is: fabric cost, pattern costs, haberdashery costs. At the end of the year I will compare the number for how much I’ve sewn with the overall amount I spent. See what the difference is. ie how much stuff I bought ended up as Stash!

Hmm, will see how this approach goes…

One Response to “I love dot-points! or: rethinking my blog format”

  1. Josie Brady January 22, 2012 at 3:52 am #

    This sounds like a good approach.


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