Pattern stash stats or: oh dear, my geek is showing

16 Feb

I have 244 patterns! I bought 188 new and 97 from op-shops. The rest are a mix of rtw copies, self-drafted, copied, etc.

I got geeky the first sunshiney afternoon after weeks of monsoony rain. I had an appointment cancelled and was at a loose end. What else to do but take advantage of the SUNSHINE!!! and photograph all my sewing patterns?

Actually there was method in my madness. It is easier to flick through photos on my computer than it is to get the patterns out and physically go through them. Also easier to use my own pattern pictures for my blog than hoping to find them online.

If I put in the photo captions important info like recommended fabric and amount needed etc, it would be even more helpful when considering what pattern to use for a project. But I don’t want to have it totally replace rifling through them physically as there is nothing else quite so satisfying.

The important geeky stats :

(These stats are based on conservative memory. ie if I couldn’t remember clearly using a pattern, I didn’t count it.)

  • Of the 118 I bought new, I have used 69, 54 of which have been used 2 or more times.
  • Op the 97 op-shop patterns I have used … 8.

Hey! I suddenly feel a lot better about all the money I spend on patterns! Around 3/4 of them get used, of those, most get used and used and used and used and used.

And a few of the as-yet unused patterns are the next on the sewing list. 2 new skirt patterns are on the kitchen cupboard cluttering it up until I get round to using them cutting table as I type.

Most of the op-shop patterns are curios. I rarely have any intention of actually sewing them, but the styles, the presentation of the clothes (what accessories they add in, what colours/fabric portrayed) and the instructions are all fascinating.

Hmmm. Some other random stats:

  • I have 7 hat collection patterns. All but one of them (a “historical repro” pattern) have had at least one pattern from them used
  • 92 Dress patterns!!! A lot of those are retro or vintage from op-shops
  • 10 pinafore patterns. I ❤ pinafores!

The other practical use for my geekery was thinking about insurance. If a cyclone came along and blew all my patterns away, which would I really desperately want replaced? What wouldn’t matter?

Here is a list of a… look I really want to say skeleton pattern collection but it doesn’t give quite the right ambiance really.

Essential patterns:

  • skirts: gored; straight; yoke
  • tops: work shirt; shell top; t-shirt
  • trousers: Cargo trousers/shorts; plain-waisted straight or bootleg; yoke straight or bootleg; yoga/lounge knit
  • dresses: empire; princess; waisted; A-line; shift/straight dress; strappy-shoulders; bias; knit
  • nightie and/or pjs
  • hats: sunhat; beret-style

There, that isn’t so many! Only around 20, and heaps of patterns have more than one of my requirements in each pattern.

I’d love to hear what other people’s “skeleton” pattern collection would be?!

And just for fun because a blog post without piccies is BORING, here are some of my most loved TNT patterns:

Butterick 3836

McCalls 3935, my go-to trouser pattern

Vogue 8196, very easy, very flattering, surprisingly un-froufrou

Simplicity 8433, oh the lines of this jacket are divine!

One Response to “Pattern stash stats or: oh dear, my geek is showing”

  1. Josie Brady February 17, 2012 at 6:27 am #

    When I am organised your collection of patterns will increase. I love that Vogue blouse, the style would look good on you, bit wouldn’t suit my figure unfortunately. It is a good idea taking photos and storing them on the computer, as you say easier to look through.


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