Pattern Love

10 Oct

Thurlow Trousers…

Sewaholic Patterns Renfrew Trouser pattern

The pattern description: Finally, a modern trouser pattern designed for curvy hips, fuller thighs and a narrow waist! The Thurlow Trousers sit below the waistline, with a slightly flared leg. Pockets in front are subtle slash pockets that won’t add bulk to the hips.

Did you read that? Curvy hips, fuller thighs and narrow waist. Me me me. That’s me! Me!

Look at how lovely Dana_knockouts’ linen trousers look. Mmmmm. I could do the Thurlow Trousers in a linen like this. Mmmm…



I’m intrigued and inspired by these Zoot Trousers by Weekend Designer (who wrote 100 awesome blog posts then sadly went on to other things.) They make me want to dance in them! The author makes it look so easy to draft your own. However if it isn’t so easy after all I have a Plan B. I’ve got some beautifully-fitted wide-legged TNT trouser pattern. I can adjust that as per his directions.

A friend sent me some real Liberty of London fabric, actually from London. So soft and fine! Exquisite. And it is such a lovely subtle floral design.How lucky am I? Thanks Josie!  I think I’ll use it for my version of these.

Weekend Designer's Zoot Alors

Weekend Designer also showed how to design some pleated shorts. We’re heading straight into shorts and tiny singlets weather. I’m thinking I might make a pair.

Weekend designer cuffed shorts

And I have the perfect fabric for them, sent to me by a friend in Florida. Thanks Jackie! Funky Flamingos or what? I’ve only got 1m of it, so I found some blue with white polkadot fabric to co-ordinate with it. I’m thinking pink for the main shorts, blue for the cuffs. Maybe a co-ordinating plain pink for a tie belt, too.

Flamingo cotton fabric

Pleats have really been grabbing my attention lately. This entire dress is lovely. I like the shoulder pleats and the neckline, but it’s the side pleats on the skirt that really drew my attention.

McCalls 4633

Then I saw this New Look pattern and realised for my leafy green cotton lycra sateen, it was perfect. View C (what the model is wearing). I’ve used a TNT skirt pattern, and made the hemline slightly asymmetrical (Good for short people like me!) and the ruffle not as full. Almost finished it.

However I can’t seem to let go of the idea of a pleated skirt. I love this patternless skirt  made by kbenco for her daughter.  I have some red cotton/lycra sateen burning a hole in my stash …


There isn’t a pleat at all on this hat, but the shape is so divine I had to have it. My excuse is I live in a climate where hats are almost mandatory, even if almost no one wears them but me. The Heather Bailey Boho ClocheGlam up your wardrobe with Boho Cloche hats. Reminiscent of the flapper hat of the roaring 1920s, this cloche (French for “bell”) offers a comfy design that flatters every face shape. Perfect for a day in or a night out, the Boho Cloche embodies French flair in a carefree style that is très magnifique!

This one is in the mail as I type. Hurry up Mr (or Ms?) postman!

Heather Bailey Boho Cloche pattern

3 Responses to “Pattern Love”

  1. Kbenco October 11, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

    Tasty patterns!
    I am wondering about the Thurlow pattern too.
    I’m glad you like the patternless skirt.


  2. las artes November 9, 2012 at 9:00 am #

    This is an easy pattern to put together. There are three big box pleats down the back and a broad “sailor” collar with a ruffle that can be either fabric or lace. Cuffs were a bit of a nuisance to turn as they are all one piece; in the future, I would use a button cuff which would facilitate getting this off and on. Also, I would make one amendments to the front facing: I would stay the front neckline ruffle with a bit of twill tape to keep it from sagging. There is a narrow godet on each side; if your fabric is wide enough, you could probably put the godet pattern piece with the skirt and cut as one to save putting in the extra seam. It is copied from the original, but doesn’t seem to have an effect on the design. The originally was probably cut from a narrow fabric and this was a means of extending it. One note of caution: this is a FULL gown and you can get rather tangled up in it in bed – there’s a lot of material to deal with! But it is relaxed and romantic. I made mine in a cream-colored cotton flannel sprigged with pink roses.


    • Tropical Threads November 16, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

      Hello! I’m trying to work out which pattern you’re referring to – is it the Folkwear Beautiful Dreamer? I’m a bit confused!


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