The Galah Dress! (Paperbag Ensemble Dress from Your Style Rocks)

20 Oct

I adore pink and grey together, so when I saw this fabric – a beautiful cotton poplin in Spotlight I just had to have it.

Paperbag Ensemble Dress from Your Style Rocks 

And for those non-Aussies, this is why I’m calling it my Galah dress. This, my friends, is a galah!

I know, strictly speaking the pink of the fabric is a tad light, but since when did galahs strictly speak anyway? 😉

My (very!) wearable muslin top from cotton voile, to check the fit.

  • The original pattern photo


  • Fabric/notions/trim used

Cotton poplin; long invisible zip; plenty of pins and scowls to get the lapped waist seam right; the cat for the photo shoot. (Or was she just using me to get her photo taken? One does wonder when it comes to cats…)

  • Construction notes:

As mentioned above, the waist seam is lapped, the pleated skirt with a facing, lapped onto the waist of the bodice. I’m so used to two right sides together and sewing along the edge, it took a couple of goes to get the back skirt sitting along the bodice waist seam properly. That was the only difficult bit really.

However, I did make life more difficult for myself by deciding I could go one better than the pattern at the back gathers (which really are gathers instead of a back dart). In the instructions these are sewn across. I thought it would be much more comfortable if they were elasticized. I was right, the bodice, though snug, has plenty of give. Comfortable, yes, but snug with give is a very weird feeling for a poplin garment to have!

The belt was too wide and too short to be practical, in my opinion. So I cut it in half lengthways and sewing it all back together, and I like it now. However the dress looks great without the belt too. This is good. Belts are hot. It is SOOO hot here. Remind me why I live in Darwin again?

Elastic gathers from the outside:

And from the inside:

My only real issue with the dress is – how do you get the pleats on the skirt waist to sit nicely? Of course I could just iron the dress before I wear it, but I hate ironing. If I’d used fairly stiff interfacing perhaps that might have helped? But they flip over along the seam and I’m not sure interfacing would stop that. (I usually don’t interface much *gasps* because it is just another layer of fabric to make me hotter.)

I ended up partially tacking them down, and it stopped them flipping down over the skirt. They’re kinda messy compared to the pattern photo, but I rather like the organic look they have now I’ve done the tacking. Maybe the galah dress is slightly ruffled? (I’m steadfastly refusing to stick the words “ruffled feathers” in there. Admire my self-restraint!)

Last but not least, this is the first internet download pattern I printed out at a printing shop. By the time they charged a set fee and the printing fee and going out of my way to get to the copyshop, then back again to pick it up, it cost about as much as a nice Vogue pattern. Next time I’ll just print it out on A4, stick some Agatha Christie on the tv, regress to kindergarten and stickytape the pattern together. Hmmm should I be putting on playschool instead of Agatha Christie? Or just go buy a Vogue pattern…

  • Cost:

Fabric 3m @ 12m – $36

Invisible zip – $4

Printing out the pattern – $17

  • Final word:

I’m totally in love with cotton poplin. Can I have some more please!?

The pattern was great – well-drafted, went together easily, easy to follow instructions. I’m impressed! I’m hoping they release a pattern of their latest contest winner. I can totally see myself in a pair of these: (Click on the link to see the entire entry, she includes the ice-cream :-))

The dress is getting a lot of wear, and Darwin can get quite windy. Uh, does that sound like I’m stating the obvious? No no no, I mean Darwin in general can be quite a windy place. So much so that wearing a light, full skirt can cause some moments of madly grabbing at any bit of billowing skirt I can get at, to preserve some sense of modesty! Hey, I know! I need some bloomers to wear underneath it 😀

3 Responses to “The Galah Dress! (Paperbag Ensemble Dress from Your Style Rocks)”

  1. Amanda October 21, 2012 at 6:57 pm #

    This is super cute- I love the polka dots! I must admit then when I have something pleated I always have ironed it. I’m liking the way you have managed this… 😀


    • Tropical Threads October 21, 2012 at 7:06 pm #

      Hi Amanda!

      I’m in love with these polkadots *happy sigh*
      Ah yes. Ironing. that thing I’m terribly allergic too. I am very admiring of people who actually DO iron their stuff 🙂



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    […] Stretch (ish) satin in pink and grey galah colours from a  previous project idea I never actually did. (told you I love those two colours together […]


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