Blouse pattern loveliness

10 Nov

I loves me a delicate white blouse. I loves me bias clothes. I loves me this pattern, Colette’s Jasmine Blouse, and I want to make it in some white silk I have in the back of the cupboard. I can order the pattern in Australia!  I just discovered SewSquirrel’s site thanks to sewbusylizzie‘. Er I think Sewsquirrel is in Aust. I’m not getting charged postage at anyrate, and you know what that means! More money for patterns!!!

Now, un-sidetracking from the point of this post, did any Australian readers watch Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries on the ABC earlier this year? I’ve read all of Kerry Greenwood’s books I’ve ever got my hands on, not just the Phryne Fisher ones, and thus just had to watch the shows. Ok ok of course I’m in love with Phryne’s wardrobe. I would have to be 6 foot under to not be. However I also just loved Dot’s blouses. She seemed to have a long procession of sweet often white or a subdued brown blouses with the collars edged in lace. ENVY!!!

Looking around for a pattern so I can have a sweet blouse with a lace-edged collar too, I found the Armistice Blouse from Folkwear.

Folkwear Armistice Blouse

Here is Casey of Casey’s Elegant Musings’ version. Oh I love this.

Then I remembered I have this pattern, which if you look closely and ignore the stamp on it, you can see the bodice and collar on the blue dress are very similar to the folkwear pattern:

Then I saw this fabric in Spotlight – cotton poplin, which I fell in love with and a wonderful friend bought me as a little present. (Thankyou so much S___ :-D). (Bet you can’t see where all this is heading!)

And I have literally a good few metres of this lace I crocheted myself, from an Irish Crochet pattern from the early 1900’s, similar time frame to the Folkwear Armistice Blouse:

I really like the tie-waist of the Folkwear pattern, as with this top, I discovered I like wearing looser-style shirts tied at the waist, so I figured if I used the bodice pieces but didn’t shape them in to the waist, I’d get the same effect.

And I’ve just cut it out! Stay tuned to find out how it all comes together…

4 Responses to “Blouse pattern loveliness”

  1. kbenco November 10, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    Beautiful blouse ideas, but sewsquirrel is now out of that pattern, sigh, good for my cc no doubt. I hope it is on its way to you and you make it up quickly .


    • Tropical Threads November 10, 2012 at 10:04 pm #

      Out of that pattern? Nooooo. I hadn’t bought it yet. Yes, that is very good for my cc too. But I’m sad 😦


  2. sewbusylizzy November 10, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    Hi there! Sew Squirrel is in Australia – Melbourne in fact.
    She’s restocking at the moment so you shall not be waiting long – Sarah provides excellent service… I should know I’ve certainly indulged in her little online shop… many times… my sister-in-law just bought this very pattern from Sew Squirrel for my birthday. So at least if it was the last one, you know it’s going to a birthday girl 🙂


    • Tropical Threads November 10, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

      Hey, happy birthday Lizzie! And what a lovely present from your s-i-l 🙂

      Ok, I’ll have to be patient. I actually have a bias pattern similar to this as a dress. It doesn’t have that sweet sweet neckline and tie though, or the lovely sleeves. I could probably make my dress pattern to have a similar look, but I’ve never tried any Colette patterns apart from their Mini Bloomers and I think I might be missing out badly! Especially now we have an Australian store that stocks them.


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