Pattern pyramid deadline

5 Dec

Is…. friday 7th of Dec. And if I got the date wrong and Friday isn’t the 7th, go with the Friday bit ok? Please spread the word in case someone has missed out who might like to join. I’ll be adding in a surprise or two of my own to keep the love going.

Sorry I’ve been tardy with it all. Been in Adelaide visiting an old friend. Much fun! and I don’t know what the Adelaidians were complaining about when it was 39C and very dry. *pfft* barely felt like it had cracked 30C Darwin-humid style!

Oh alright I’ll stop feeling Superior, coz now I’m back in 35C heat and 80% humidity and praying at the feet of The Great Storm God for a little bit of relief.

Has everyone heard about the numerous Wellington pattern pyramids? If you sadly miss out here, good luck over there. (I think I’ll join in the fun again and put my name down for those to.)

I’ll leave you with my favourite picture of my trip. The Lazy Ballerina, in McLaren Vale. Now this is the way to dance ballet! Or is it that this is the way to drink wine!?

(I’m not sure of the copyright on a personal photo of a picture on the wall in a bakery? I’m figuring since it is essentially advertising wine, they won’t mind.)




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