Where’s she gone?

21 Jan

Well… I’m studying writing at uni. First time in my life I’ve had the chance to study what I’ve always wanted to study. Yay!

I’m sewing too, but not quite so voraciously, which probably isn’t a bad thing as my wardrobe is bursting at its seams. But writing about sewing is (ironically) just a bit too much on top of studying about writing. I might be able to get out a post or two every so often, but if not, you know why!


2 Responses to “Where’s she gone?”

  1. Sofie January 21, 2014 at 9:31 pm #

    I caught my breath when I saw the price of your most beloved (and expensive pattern). It’s a beauty for sure and glad that you could use it for other styles too. Congratulations on studying what you want! It is hard work to study and sew and write a blog (ask me how I know plus for me add single parenting an 7-10year old boy to the 3 year equation). You will love it though. When I started I thought what did I do with my time before and now I’m finished I think how did I fit it in… but you just do. Good luck.


    • Tropical Threads January 22, 2014 at 1:44 pm #

      So did I when I first saw it! I think it’s quite versatile actually. And of course if I ever want to do a Titanic dress I can 😀

      Thankyou! You sound like one of those people who do everything all at once. I admire people like that 🙂 Maybe, so long as my health holds out, I can be like that too.


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