Birthday cake!

29 Aug

Happy Birthday Monthly Stitch! 

And happy birthday to me too, as my cake sewing is my own birthday cake too. Mmmm!

For my birthday this year, a very close and beloved friend demonstrated just how well she knows me by giving me gift voucher to my most fave shop in all of Darwin. The moment I saw this fabric I knew it was for me. Butterflies! Coral-coloured allover butterflies at that. *swoons*

Technically although it’s a craft cotton, it’s a very fine weave, making it feel more like a soft poplin. Very nice! though a touch too light for shorts. But hey, I got them to work and I love them! I love love love love LOVE them!

So thankyou Kite, for my gorgeous birthday present 🙂

Here I am in my coral-coloured butterflies shorts.

(As a total aside, this photo totally cracks me up, coz I look exactly like my mum in shorts from the back 🙂 Who, when you think about it, was intrinsically involved in my birth day :-D)

All ready to go for a walk on the beach, paired with my latest favourite top, a white linen affair I drafted myself from a 1890’s chemise pattern diagram.

Of course, no beach walk is right without a cute doggie to share it with.

Pretty seafoam-coloured fabric for the inner yoke.:

Pretty red buttons, an exact colour match to the red in the butterfly wings, that I found in my stash:

For info on construction, check out this blog post 🙂

Happy birthday cake all round! 

2 Responses to “Birthday cake!”

  1. Josie Brady August 30, 2014 at 8:59 am #

    The shorts look beautifully cool and breezy, just the right thing for Darwin, and I love the way your blouse turned out. Well done!


    • Tropical Threads August 30, 2014 at 4:32 pm #

      Yes, and the hottest muggiest part of the year isn’t far away so they’re just in time. And yes about the blouse! I’ll do a proper post on it soon.


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