Fit’n’pleat dresses are so easy to wear!

18 Nov


A few years ago I made a frankendress of a princess-line top with this gorgeous sweetheart neckline, and a 1960s re-issue dress that I used for the skirt. I made it from that stretch-cotton sateen that Spotlight does so well.20160829_14311320160829_143118

The skirt is from this pattern. I love the collar though, too. One day I will make the dress as shown on the left. One day…

Butterick 5747


Oh my goodness did I literally wear this dress to death, it was so comfortable, and cool enough for all but the absolute hottest-awfullest days, I could dress it up or down, and collected compliments on it everywhere I went.

So I tried the same comfortably fitted bodice with a fuller skirt concept in more stretch cotton sateen. (I love this picture, you can see my mum taking the photo, in the mirror!)davdav

Boy did I get compliments on it. Design a print full of gorgeous flowers in colours that all suit me perfectly? Then turn it into a pretty dress that fit beautifully and I wore everywhere? Of course the compliments flowed 😀

I used my basic bodice, and the skirt from this dress from ‘Your style rocks’. Your Style Rocks’ was a great little site offering free patterns that is no longer around. I made the whole dress as pictured, when the pattern first came out, and the top just didn’t suit my body. But the skirt was gorgeous!

Related image

More! fit-n-pleated dress posts to come soon…


2 Responses to “Fit’n’pleat dresses are so easy to wear!”

  1. Summer Flies November 19, 2019 at 9:52 pm #

    Gosh no wonder you got compliments on those dresses. They look fantastic on you. I particularly love the black one on you. It’s very … sophisticated. That dress up/dress down all things sophistication.


  2. Jemima December 19, 2019 at 7:55 pm #

    Those dresses suit you perfectly. I am also very picky with clothes in the top end. I find these sort of dresses work so well to catch the breeze and not stick to you


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