Scroop fantail: a sad story of a stain

21 Jan

A while back I was a pattern tester for a Scroop pattern and it convinced me to buy a few more. I love the fantail, so …

It amuses me in this photo you can see that although I press my seams religiously, I don’t bother ironing the fabric…

There’s a lot of swish in that back! I made the modern version so I sewed down my pleats.

Fantail Skirt: Historical + Modern

The fabric is Spotties Stretch sateen and the most divine yellow ever. Most yellows and oranges look TERRIBLE on me, so they get relegated to skirts/trousers, if worn at all. This beautiful banana-ish yellow went beautifully with all my tops, such as the lovely red toile one I’m wearing here, and I wore that skirt on very high rotation.

Behold the swish!


I recommend Scroop patterns extremely highly! They’re so well thought through, and so well drafted. If any of them catch your fancy, go for it!

Back to my skirt…

Friends, it was TRAGIC!

The skirt got a stain right on the front thigh where it was really obvious.

I tried sooooo hard to get it out, as I adored the skirt far too much to give up on it. But I just couldn’t. I scoured Spotlight for more of it to simply cut a new front. I also looked online for it but it was all sold out.


I was so dispirited it went to the op shop in the hope someone else would find a way to get the stain out, or to embellish over it, or just not care about it.

I thought long and hard about embellishing it myself, especially as Scroop Patterns and the designer are so committed to not damaging the environment, as am I! But it was a ‘basic’ skirt, and basics are in very short supply in my wardrobe. Embellishing it would have relegated it to the very many fancy skirts I wear only occasionally.

It was one of those things where I let it go in the hopes it would get a second life somewhere else.

I found almost the same yellow in Spotlight’s quilting cotton plain colours. I’m happier about that actually because with no lycra it should last a bit longer anyway. I just need to make it up. Soon. You know how it goes…

Fantail Skirt: Historical + Modern
The historical version, which I also plan to make up in brown second hand sari silk

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