A present for myself – labels!

16 May

I’ve long been wanting some labels for my clothing. Partly simply to help me work out the back on some of my clothes, partly for the fun of it! I realised Megan Neilson is selling a good selection when I went there looking for fabric. Hmmm… What shall I get?

I love this coz so often people are disappointed when they realise I’ve sewn it and they can’t go buy it for $15 from KMart. It makes me feel Smug!

This is a definite must for some of my clothes. And indeed, it’s actually an aim for all of them…

Haha perhaps a few clothes ‘worth the effort’ is a good reminder. Others might just have me gritting my teeth and saying ‘NO IT WASN’T!’
It’s sold out, so probably a good thing.

There’s a ‘this is the back’ in this pack! You can buy either type separately, but I think a few of both would be good.

I found a different range on Tessuti and this was my pick from there.


And then there’s an idea I got from some op shoppers who also sew. Labels from clothes from there. I adjusted the fit on a pair of white shorts and the label had to come off. There’s no question which is the back or front on the shorts as it has a front zip, so I could totally use the label on something else. But then I saw this… Sigh. Treating people decently is not rocket science guys!

Like most of the fashion industry, there’s a blind spot in Country Road’s ethical focus

Does using an opped label of a company with questionable ethics be questionable myself? In a small way it is advertising them.

As a friend once said when I went round and round on a similar ethical question, ‘It is often uncomfortable to have a conscience.”

I haven’t solved my dilemma. And I also haven’t taken a photo of said offending or maybe not offending label, so hey…

BUT, it did take a fair while to finish this post and I present to you one of my new labels in action! What fun! And practical too 😀

The back of my new By hand London Leo overalls

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