About Tropical Threads

My lifelong mission: to sew gorgeous but practical clothes for the tropics. Gorgeous because I love expressing myself through my clothes; practical coz I have no patience for being tied in knots by silly clothing; tropical? well, I tried the living ‘Down South’ thang more than once and each time, winter sent me scuttling homewards.

I am almost 40yrs old, been sewing most of my life, and do a few other crafts as well. I usually sew only for myself. Occasionally I might sew something for a family member of friend, but they have to be really special (the person I’m sewing for, I mean. If the garment is really special too, that is extra-good!). If my loved ones want mendings or alterations or mending, the answer is No (omgmendingsoboring). Unless they bribe me suitably ūüėÄ

Thus far:

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
An Intrepid Heroine (me)
Her darling fiancé
Their gorgeous daughter
Woman who taught Intrepid Heroine to sew (her mum)
Sewing companion Ma’at the adolescent feline.
Ghost of the sewing table (previously Goddess of the sewing table – HattieCattie who’s now, er, a ghost who still haunts my heart and the sewing table. *howls of grief*)


Act 1
At a tender age our Intrepid Heroine (IH) takes on the role of Head of her own Wardrobe when she realises her mother will always take approx 2 yrs from buying fabric to finishing sewing garments for our IH, so our IH gets her mum to teach her to sew so she can do the job herself.
Act 2
Our IH gets frustrated at how bad she is at fitting and finishing clothes, and takes a few lessons.
Act 3
Our IH teaches herself to crochet.
Act 4
Our IH starts experimenting with making over op-shop clothes in addition to sewing the rest of her clothes.
Welcome to Act 5!

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