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Decoupage casualty – refashioned trousers

1 Nov

They do say on the bottle of Shimmer-effect mod-podge I was using for decoupage, that once it is dry, it doesn’t wash out. Silly me just figured if I got any on the fave pair of trousers I was wearing that day, I would just wash it off while wet.

Except… I didn’t see it till it was too late.

And then discovered what is strangely not mentioned on the bottle: if you spill it on clothing it dries to look like … not putting too fine a point on it, SNOT.

Good thing I like refashioning, right? They really are great trousers. And SNOT dried shimmer-effect mod-podge right over the right knee is just not a good look.

The trousers long before their encounter with Shimmer Effect Mod Podge.

I made the inside yoke of the trousers with some green/grey floral craft fabric left over from a long-ago pair of shorts. The colours work well with the soft khaki green and beigey green. I found some more of the same fabric left over in the back of mum’s quilting fabric drawer. YAY! It has quite clear flower motifs in amongst a vague leafy background. Perfect!

Deciding that one flower might look lovely but a whole lot of them would not only look awesome, but less like I was covering SNOT shimmer-effect mod-podge and more like I had designed it this way, I made 7 flower motifs. I’m pointing to the all-important SNOT shimmer-effect mod podge-covering flower, for the record.

(Just as an explanation, I HATE ironing, hence all the wrinkles :-P)

What I did:

  • ironed bondaweb (well, mum thinks that is the name of it) onto the back of the motifs
  • used my beloved stork-scissors with their narrow sharp point to cut the flowers out
  • played around with placement
  • ironed the motifs on, including the all-important one over the mishap on the right knee
  • hit my mum up for instructions on how to set my machine for appliqué as she does for her quilts
  • asked her for a quick rundown on how to do said appliqué
  • appliquéd the motifs on
This so totally restored my trousers as a useful member of my wardrobe, while making them slightly more casual, I have been wearing them probably more than I used to.
Including the other month when the tide was really really low, and I went out with some friends and people from work to look at the reef in Darwin harbour.

What happened to the wedding dress trial?

9 Jul

Well, I had the neckline all basted and ready to gather, and still – still wondering whether to ruffle or not to ruffle when…

It got cold. Freezing even. The temperature plummetted past the usual 17-18C dry season nights right down to 13C. One night it was even closer to 12C than 13C. *shudders*

I just can’t do it. I just can’t sew clothes I know I can’t start wearing immediately. I am an instant gratification kinda girl, and that voile is soooooo insubstantial, there was no way I’m putting that trial wedding dress on any time soon. In fact, even the thought of putting it on for a fitting was too shivery. (Ask me again in November and even that voile will be too thick ;-P)

So I put it aside. I put all my clothes sewing aside in favour of concentrating on my cardigan, for the same reason – the cold. But also, and I honestly thought I would never get to this point, I looked in my wardrobe and realised I have enough clothes.

After I picked myself up from where I had fallen on the floor in shock, I realised I have to do something about this. No, not a wardrobe purge to start again. I have enough GOOD clothes that I love.

I had a brainwave

I could do something else. Maybe … more handcrafts! (no no, don’t quote me on that if the next post is dressmaking :-P)

Specifically, to expand on selling some. I know selling handcrafts is not the most lucrative activity, but if I make enough to cover the costs of the next project, that is pretty good. Good for my need to create, good for my bank balance, and much much nicer to think of the beautiful things I make being used and appreciated, rather than in the back of the cupboard forlornly gathering dust.

Here are some piccies of the stuff that went to the Happy Yess Markets. Things didn’t sell so well, but I am not surprised – it just isn’t that kind of gig. (but a great sense of community, and enjoyable, which is the main thing 🙂

This is a rainbow fairy charm. When hung in the sun (from the long white ribbon so neatly wound here) it creates little chinks of rainbow lights. I love physics. It is pure magic!



Crochet flower phone charms.



And my absolute fave – this idea came from my need for a new library bag. Choice (the Australian Consumer Association) said in a cradle-grave analysis of environmental footprints, polypropylene bags (those sturdy ones you can get at every grocery store these days) come out in front of calico bags because cotton is so demanding on the environment – especially our Australian one.

So this knowledge + the need for a new library bag + an instantaneous love affair with these happy owl panels I found + this bag. I tried one out at the library the other day, and it is perfect, just perfect! Big, strong and sturdy, and sits comfortably over my shoulder even when laden with lead heavy books

2 wk creative challenge day 2: organisation

30 Jun

Organisation doesn’t sound that creative, does it? But I do feel better for it because I know what I need to do next.

The next Happy Yess market swings round this sunday. A good friend of mine (who seriously needs a website for her stuff so I can show it off to all my online friends) makes native seed jewellery and chain maille, and regularly does the Darwin market scene. She has given me a corner of her stall this sunday for my own stuff. YAY!

Wot stuff?


Some crocheted flowers will be made into hairclips, necklaces, phone charms etc (heh, see the dog behind me? 😀 She isn’t part of the stall ;-P)

A coin purse crocheted from hand-dyed with vegetable dies yarn from Roumania.


And a hairpiece made from some stuff from the wonderful Dragonfly Fabrics

I have a few other things cooking, as well. Namely some Happy Owl bags and some prism charms to hang in the window creating splashes of rainbow lights all around. Should be fun!






A few butterflies

17 Jun

I had one of those days mice and men often have, where nothing goes right. Not that much went wrong either, I just didn’t achieve anything I set out to today. I came home and sulked for half an hour then hit the cutting table. And the ironing board. And the sewing machine. And the overlocker.

Oh I feel so much better!


I saw some gorgeous huge sorta retro-style butterfly craft fabric at Spotlight the other day. I had to get some. But of course, as I have my no-fabric-buying moratorium until September (so tedious…) I can’t buy fabric for new projects, only to complete existing ones in some way (embellishments included).

So, I thought, what can I use this on as an embellishment? (Ahem, working backwards like that really wasn’t what I had in mind when I made my moratorium…)

When I did my recent wardrobe cleanout I discarded the skirt part of this ensemble. The top (Burda 2964, my review here) is lovely, but for some reason I just never liked the skirt, in spite of asking trusted friends what they thought of it, and being reassured it looks great.


Anyway, the skirt was pulled out of the “to go to op-shop” bag, and is no longer as pictured, at all. It has a big retro-style butterfly appliqued on it! I also added a triangular piece of the original fabric leftover to the hem at the higher part, making the hemline more interesting.

It looks fantastic!!! Huh! Sooooo pleased with it!

I plan to put add a little ruffle along the hem too. I think part of the issue with the skirt was the same as this skirt that I also discarded. The fabric is just too light for the straight style of skirt. A ruffle will give it a bit of weight, helping it to hang that bit better and add a bit of visual weight to the hem too. (She hopes ;-P)

More butterflies:

The butterflies were part of a quilting panel. Spotlight wouldn’t let me buy just one strip of it – I had to buy the entire panel with 4 big butterflies on it. Oh dear! What on earth could I do with all those extra butterflies?

Well, my sister-in-law is getting a new skirt based on Kwik sew 2765, an ancient copy I picked up at an op-shop long ago and quickly became TNT. I am happily using up some gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous kingfisher blue cotton poplin from my stash, as well as a spare butterfly.

Plus, as she is in the Southern Highlands of NSW and it is the middle of winter, the cotton poplin seems insanely thin, so I am also using up a bit more of my stash in making her a petticoat. I would say more, but she has been known to read this blog, and I am looking forward to surprising her with it. So no photos yet (besides it was well and truly dark by the time I called it a night on my projects).

Yes, in the was all satisfyingly productive.

Now a lazy half hour in front of the telly with my new yarn and cardigan pattern seems a great way to end the day.

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