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Sew Grateful week – giveaway

4 Feb

I’m keen to be joining in My Happy Sewing Place’s Sew Grateful week, because I enjoy being part of the online sewing community so much. I had to take a break for a few months recently for personal reasons and I just missed it very much. Definitely highlighted how much I value this part of my life.

Monday’s activity is a Giveaway but I’ve just put up all my extras up on the group Swap Your Stash pinboard. Go check it out here, and my personal post about it, here.

So what could I give away for this?

I decided to take a leaf from Kat of Modern Vintage Cupcakes and offer sweets. Minties to be precise.

Believe me, at the risk of sounding like a minties advert, chewing on a mintie while you’re trying to work out the best way to sew a seam is a very delicious way to ponder.

This isn’t just a vicarious excuse to share “artistically burnt sugar” (As my brother calls sweets!) around the world. There is another reason. My mum taught me to sew, and it is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever learnt from her. And minties always remind me of her. She was born in England in the middle of WW2, and my grandmother had a cousin in New Zealand. This lovely cousin knew how severe the rationing was in England during and after the war, and sent them packets of sweets, minties included. Minties are actually chewy, and the surface smooth, not sticky. But in those days the post went entirely went by ship, and as the packets of minties went through the tropics they melted, going gooey and sticking to the wrapper. They never re-hardened again so my mother presumed that is how minties just were – gooey and sticky, and that you had to chew the lollie off the paper.

My family migrated here to Australia when mum was 7, for my grandfather to work on the Snowy River Scheme. This is how, eventually,  I was born in the right country 😉 *phew* And much to mum’s astonishment, she discovered minties were actually smooth and chewy!

So there you go. A packet of minties for my giveaway. However since I live in tropical Australia, I make no guarantees as to the state of the minties when they arrive. You can email me and let me know what the modern postal service does to them!

And if an Aussie or Kiwi wins, I’ll send something specifically from the Northern Territory, seeing how you’d be able to buy your own minties at the corner store or dairy. Not sure I will be able to find food, but I should be able to find something fabric-y or sewing-y.

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