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Fitting armscyes

13 Jul

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I found this article in threads on fitting the armscye (and the rest of the top part of the bodice) properly, and read that instead of staring at the ceiling. I thought “Aha! so maybe that is where I didn’t quite get the fit of the sleeves right on Weaver’s dress. What it says makes sense to me as the bestest fit of a very fitted sleeve I’ve ever made, was in this dress Simplicity 9891. I basically redid the armscye along the lines explained here – I just didn’t know what I was doing back then, so it was a fluke and I was never sure why it worked. (Haha I look so young in that photo. It was taken only 5 yrs ago though! Maybe it is the haircut, or my cheeks have thinned since then?)

In my current dress project (simplicity 3559), it just so happens that I’m up to fitting the bodice and armscye, so I am using the info in the article to fit them. I have my fingers crossed for the outcome.

I’m making the middle view (though with short sleeves), made from these two fabrics. So far it is looking really good!

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