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25 Nov

Auramala, I hear you say? A new indie pattern company? A new fabric store?

Nah, nothing so sewing-y. But … it is, nonetheless, something very very awesome. Auramala is a book recently written by my little brother, Ivan Fowler, about a 600 yr old mystery about England’s King Edward 2nd. A real ‘cold case’. And I’ve been working hard helping edit the English language version of it, instead of writing about sewing on my blog. Ahem.

Here it is *drumroll* the trailer for the book! (I feel so old. Since when did books have movie-style trailers? Never mind, check it out 🙂 it’s great fun.)

As you could imagine, I’m pretty proud of my kid brother 😀 I’m not sure when he grew up and got famous in Italy for writing books and operas and stuff, but hey, life does strange things like that, right? I must say, the amount of research he put into the project has been phenomenal. Or maybe that is just the level of research required to write historically accurate novels? My area of editing expertise is more fantasy and contemporary novels, not historical, so it’s been a very interesting process for me professionally. My favourite bit in the editing process was when I got to a scene where the main character carries a burning coal in wet rags against his chest so he can light a fire with it later, causing much mayhem – and of course, an interesting twist in the plot. Little Bro got a note in the editing file from Big Sis saying “I’m not convinced the coal would stay alight wrapped in wet rags like that.”

He wrote back “It does, and it also gets hotter and hotter over time as I described later in the scene. I discovered that when I tried it out.”

See what I mean? Well-researched 😀 And SO like my brother to have the time of his life trying out all the moves to ensure accuracy!

Here are a few more links:

English book trailer: http://youtu.be/QUfoCcNu6GA
English site (a free preview of the Prologue and Chapter One can be downloaded here): http://www.auramala.com/en

My brother, Ivan Fowler’s blog: theauramalaproject.wordpress.com
Facebook page (multiple languages): https://www.facebook.com/auramala.book

And the place to purchase the entire book.

If it looks like your cup of tea, something to read while your mind mulls over your latest sewing project, then please, enjoy 🙂

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