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Blue linen shorts – self-drafted (sort of)

16 May

FINALLY got my motherfashion photographer, a sunny day, and the blue linen shorts I finished in early February

together. Here is the result. Sorry, no back view. I was lucky my fashion photographer had the patience to take these ones!

Blue linen shorts front
Blue linen shorts side view

While working on getting the fit as good as I could, I worked out the back crotch length was just too short. (could explain a lot of fitting issues with trousers/shorts to this point) So I stuck a yoke in to make up the extra. I realised it is very similar to jeans back yokes. I had already lengthened the back crotch quite a lot on the pattern I drafted using my measurements and crotch shape. When laying the pattern on the fabric, to keep the legs on the straight grain meant the back crotch seam came up really high, using a lot of fabric. Then I had to add some more!
I do wonder, having seen this, how much the yoke characteristic of jeans has to do with commercial layouts being designed to use the fabric as efficiently as possible?

Wagh! The pockets gape 😦 I ended up simply sewing the opening down at top and bottom, leaving a smaller space for my hands. Worked fine. I suppose to eliminate it it would need a lining across from the side seam to centre front, but that is just another layer of fabric to make the shorts hotter to wear.
All that was left of the blue linen fabric after making these shorts!
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