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Burdastyle 01/2010 dress – Weaver’s dress

12 Jul

Fabric: craft cotton, I think 2.5m. The skirt took more fabric than I realised (it is really full!) so I just barely go the dress out of what I had

Pattern was an e-pattern I downloaded and stuck together. Even with the tile markings it didn’t stick together too neatly but thankfully didn’t matter.


  • I never realised just how much easier it is to fit a short back neck-waist if there is a waist seam. How did that sewing detail escape me all these years?
  • Lovely lovely outcome, easy to wear, very comfortable, looks gorgeous, slightly old-fashioned but in a nice way. Could be a bit hot overall, but hey… what isn’t, come Nov?
  • I have a half-made belt, my friend reckons it looks really nice with it, more formal, and really nice without, in a more sweet, charming kind of style. Kewl!
  • Colour is spectacularly good on me 🙂


  • I didn’t do the buttons right up to the neckline, as that really WOULD have been too hot. I only did them to just above the bust. So the whole neckline doesn’t sit flat and neat. In retrospect it would have been better to redesign the neckline somewhat, to a cooler style.
  • Sleeves catch just a tad over my biceps. There is plenty of room in them. I think it is just the shape of them, meh. I never do well with really tailored, fitted sleeves. Even adjusted to my shape they still aren’t quite as comfy as other sleeve styles.
  • Not totally happy with the interfacing I used (I used japara cotton) Mainly as it looks much better ironed and I hate ironing. Oh well.


  • fabric $20
  • Pattern $6
  • Zip $2
  • Cotton $2.50
  • Buttons $4

Total = $35 (ish :-P)








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