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Blue shoes and grey pinafore dress

31 Oct

This TNT grey linen pinafore dress was never really a UFO, rather just something I hadn’t gotten round to sewing yet. There is a difference!

A friend I was teaching how to sew, who was the exact same size as me, fell in love with my TNT pattern, butterick 2620. Since it is simple, it was ideal for her to learn how to sew with. However, between cutting out and sewing, she fell pregnant. Now in her third trimester with twins she is, oddly enough, nowhere near the same size as me – and isn’t foreseeing being so any time in the near future, so she gave it to me.

So I sewed it up as part of my UFO October blitz, and lo and behold, I have yet another version of this pinafore tunic. I think I am up to 6 now? Not all at once, you understand, usually only one at a time I then proceed to wear to death. Then get all fidgety from the loss of it in my wardrobe. So I sew another. And life goes on.

(I feel hot just looking at that photo. Look at the sheen of sweat on me! The photo was taken in the early evening and yet it was still so hot. Welcome to Darwin in October, eh?!)

I’m trying to decide if I like it that long or will chop a bit off. Still thinking …

The head scarf is one I made from some craft cotton, the edging is a raw bias edging that gives a lovely soft look to it, in keeping with the soft yellows and blues in the fabric. I realised the blue in the scarf is exactly the same blue as my Blue Shoes of Happiness. So of course I had to wear them too!

The grey linen dress is taking over from this green linen one!

The date-stamp on this photo is 2007, and I had already had it a while when I took this photo. Yay for linen! it lasted with all its hard wear and lots of washing, in this climate for 4 yrs. WOW!!! And it was devastating to see it so threadbare and tired.

I admit there is a similarity in colour between old and new, but still, I was very amused when I asked my mother fashion photographer to take a photo of the new dress for my blog, she asked “But why? You’ve had this for years!”

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