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Inky blue silk mini-bloomers (Colette’s Madeleine mini bloomers)

22 Jan

Haha! My first dot-point post.

  • Inky Blue Silk Mini-bloomers (completed early Jan 2012)
  • Fabric/trims/notions used
Blue sari silk. A word on this: the sari was from ebay, sold as “good for home decor or clothes sewing” I LOVED the colour. 5m of Inky blue sari silk with think border edges woven in gold, and blue silk. Can it get much better?
Well, when I got it, It sure as hell wasn’t 5m. More like 4.5. I complained to the seller, whose only response was “Saris are 5m long. Saris are 5m long.” I do wonder if he (an Indian) had gotten 5 yards mixed up with 5m? That is the charitable conclusion, anyway.
I washed it by hand (can’t afford dry-cleaning, thanks… and it certainly didn’t come with a dry-clean only tag) the gorgeous gold woven edgings shrunk dreadfully. Completely useless for my envisioned loose long trousers with the border along the hem. Plus a few other garments, as 5m is quite a lot.
I cut the badly stuffed up edging off and threw the rest (plain blue silk) in the back of the cupboard. That was 5 yrs ago. It took all that time, plus the inspiration of this pattern, to pull it out and try to salvage something out of it.
A bit of elastic and a bit of thread.
  • Piccie of finished garment
  • Inspiration (for the garment)
All the other blogs out there! And they look so cute…
  • Useful info
I ended up choosing the sizing on the waist measurement, making sure it was big enough to go over my hips comfortably, but no bigger.
Other bloggers had noted it the bloomers are extremely low-slung. So I added an extra 3 cm to the top of them, so they wouldn’t be quite so low-rise. However when I put them on I realised I am far more used to low-slung undies than perhaps other bloggers and would have been totally ok with the original pattern designed.
The double elastic affair on the waistband is Good! It makes them sit a lot more firmly than a single row, but still retains the light airiness of thinner elastic (as opposed to one row of thicker elastic). I’ve used this technique on a pair of elastic-waist shorts
I also used elastic in the legs, for comfort, and it looked a darn sight (now, is that sight or site???) easier than their technique
This is a very nicely drafted pattern. Everything matches up, and taking into account the wide difference between their model’s figure and mine, looks just as pictured. As an introduction to Colette patterns, as it was for me, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to try one of their other non-free patterns if the inspiration hit me.
  • Cost
Pattern: free. Thanks Colette people!!!

Fabric: OUCH!!! the sari was $50 plus $6 postage. OUCH!!!

Elastic and thread from stash.

  • Last word

These are really comfy under a loose dress or skirt. It is surprisingly comfy under trousers too. Sari silk is perfect for it. Oh and my sister-in-law has a pair and loves them too!

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