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Burdastyle 01/2010 dress – Weaver’s dress

12 Jul

Fabric: craft cotton, I think 2.5m. The skirt took more fabric than I realised (it is really full!) so I just barely go the dress out of what I had

Pattern was an e-pattern I downloaded and stuck together. Even with the tile markings it didn’t stick together too neatly but thankfully didn’t matter.


  • I never realised just how much easier it is to fit a short back neck-waist if there is a waist seam. How did that sewing detail escape me all these years?
  • Lovely lovely outcome, easy to wear, very comfortable, looks gorgeous, slightly old-fashioned but in a nice way. Could be a bit hot overall, but hey… what isn’t, come Nov?
  • I have a half-made belt, my friend reckons it looks really nice with it, more formal, and really nice without, in a more sweet, charming kind of style. Kewl!
  • Colour is spectacularly good on me ūüôā


  • I didn’t do the buttons right up to the neckline, as that really WOULD have been too hot. I only did them to just above the bust. So the whole neckline doesn’t sit flat and neat. In retrospect it would have been better to redesign the neckline somewhat, to a cooler style.
  • Sleeves catch just a tad over my biceps. There is plenty of room in them. I think it is just the shape of them, meh. I never do well with really tailored, fitted sleeves. Even adjusted to my shape they still aren’t quite as comfy as other sleeve styles.
  • Not totally happy with the interfacing I used (I used japara cotton) Mainly as it looks much better ironed and I hate ironing. Oh well.


  • fabric $20
  • Pattern $6
  • Zip $2
  • Cotton $2.50
  • Buttons $4

Total = $35 (ish :-P)








Burda Style 01/2010 dress aka Weaver’s Dress

15 Apr

Oh wow oh wow – it fits!

This is my second e-pattern, this once purchased through the burdastyle website. (Click on the piccie to take you to the dress on burdastyle.com)

Technical drawing of Burdastyle 01/2010 dress

I printed out the little print-size test square they provided, found it was just fine, so printed the whole pattern. Then I went back to kindergarten, cutting and sticky-taping the whole pattern together. Big job! Even with the markings to help, it still came out wonky. Conclusion: e-patterns you print out and stick together yourself are just inevitably a bit wonky. And high humidity and ceiling fans don’t help, either.

Secondary conclusion: fortunately it doesn’t seem to matter.

Why? Because when I traced the pattern onto pattern-trace, did my paper-fitting, cut it out then sewed it up, it fit beautifully! Yay!

This pattern didn’t have seam allowances. Usually I use patterns with the seam allowance included. However with this one, knowing the exact size of the finished garment pieces made it easier to work out fitting measurements. Not that I ever found it difficult before, simply subtracting the seam allowances. But with no seam allowances, it was just … easier… to be accurate.

Another thing I really like about this pattern is it is a dream to sew up. Every piece fits neatly together with every other piece. Seams are the same length on each pattern piece, that sort of thing. Nice. Very nice.

Here is the bodice front and back. Paper-fitted, cut and sewn with no further alterations.  Although the back looks too long, if the seam allowance is folded under it is fine. yes 1.5cm of extra length in my centre back really does make that much difference!

Bodice front

Bodice back

Check out that pattern-matching on the back. Close but no cigar! It was the second time I did it and it was no better than the first. I just left it as is. I figure it is only slightly psychedelic….

And, last but not least, what colour do you think this dress is? I thought it was a duck-egg blue with a calico background. But my mother and Auntie (visiting from Canada YAY!) think it is green. What do you think?

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