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Cardigan shoulders

28 Jun

Ok, so it looks a bit wonky, but that is just how it was sitting. Honest! But no, it really doesn’t quite meet at the front. Oops…

But if you look at the back, you discover it is sitting very nicely.

I started out doing the medium size, then discovered the back was swimming on me, so I undid the previous few rows of increase and basically went down 2 sizes at the back, while keeping the increasing at the front. Hate to think how small the front would be if I hadn’t kept the increasing there!

The front still has a bit of an edging to be added after everything else is finished. I’m not sure if allowing for that is why the cardigan isn’t meeting in the front, or if it is just a tad small there after all my fiddling. I figure if need be I can make that front edging a bit wider. I am planning to continue the edging around the neckline too, as I would like it a closer in around my neck.

I love love love the colour! And the yarn is so soft and slithery to crochet. It is also not hot to handle (which is good as the humidity went right up for a few days there) but obviously is still going to be suitably warmish when finished.

I have one row of dc, then I am onto the mussel pattern. Wow!

And for the record I have no idea why one piccie is huge and the other is small … ?

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