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Simplicity 3559 – purpleypaisley dress wip.

24 Jul

My purpleypaisley dress is refusing to sew up according to plan.

Firstly, I put the collar on kinda upside-downy on the dress!  Oops! I ❤ my unpicker 🙂 Two inside square seams (very pain in the rear end, technically) done beautifully and I had to unpick them WAGH!!! “No matter,” I reassure myself, “I am sure it was Very Good Practise.”
Anyway, I did the collar again… then realised I sewed it on to the wrong side. ARGH!!!
So I undid it and as I started sewing it again, I wondered how many ways there are to get a collar wrong? I decided I didn’t want to know, and just sewed, and YAY! got it right that time!
So I started on the facing and interfacing for the collar. And … got it wrong.
So I unpicked it and sewed it right. YAY!
Then I tried it on around my neck and the two layers – undercollar and interfacing were too too hot. And that was even without the outer collar. I decided I had been reading too many blogs on how to sew properly by doing things like interfacing, and forgetting the reason I usually leave it out is because who wants an extra layer in this climate?
So I tried to just cut most of the interfacing out. I did it wrong, so ended up having to unpick it. Did I mention how much I love to hate my unpicker?
I finally sewed it all together and tried it on. And … realised I hadn’t adjusted the front neckline to accommodate and fit with the changes to the back neck I made for fitting my short waist. I tried to take a photo but my camera batteries were flat.
Ok ok, this isn’t a tragedy! I unpicked it. Did I mention how much I hate my unpicker?
I cut the neckline into a v neck sans collar.
One has ones limits.
 It will end up being a sort of squarish sweetheart neckline. I hope.
While I had it on I tried out different hem-lengths in the mirror. Just above the knee doesn’t look as good as just below the knee.
I had also been thinking it may be nice without sleeves. (Cooler, easier to wear) But just to check, I tried used a bit of fabric to simulate the look of a little capped sleeve – and … it sang!
Honestly, you could hear the little dress singing its heart out. Beautifully.
So I had better make it with the little sweetheart neckline, the cap sleeves and the longer hem so it can sing all the rest of its life. *smiles*

Fitting armscyes

13 Jul

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I found this article in threads on fitting the armscye (and the rest of the top part of the bodice) properly, and read that instead of staring at the ceiling. I thought “Aha! so maybe that is where I didn’t quite get the fit of the sleeves right on Weaver’s dress. What it says makes sense to me as the bestest fit of a very fitted sleeve I’ve ever made, was in this dress Simplicity 9891. I basically redid the armscye along the lines explained here – I just didn’t know what I was doing back then, so it was a fluke and I was never sure why it worked. (Haha I look so young in that photo. It was taken only 5 yrs ago though! Maybe it is the haircut, or my cheeks have thinned since then?)

In my current dress project (simplicity 3559), it just so happens that I’m up to fitting the bodice and armscye, so I am using the info in the article to fit them. I have my fingers crossed for the outcome.

I’m making the middle view (though with short sleeves), made from these two fabrics. So far it is looking really good!

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