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2 week creative challenge – Simplicity 9687

29 Jun

My friends over at  Studio Pyraxis issued a challenge to those who are interested – every day for 2 weeks to post something creative, be it a picture, a piece of creative writing etc.

Sounds like fun! Since most of my creativity at the moment is wrapped up in sewing or craft, I figure here is a good place to do said posts.

So… today I made the raglan-sleeved version top (green one) of this pattern.

It is the eighth (or ninth?) time I have made this pattern up. Approximately half of the tops have been made for myself, and half for my mum. The beauty of this pattern is I am petite and hourglass, mum is plus-sized with a 4-children-bearing tummy, yet the top suits us both so well. Good pattern huh?


I made one yesterday too. Two of these tops sewn up for my mum in two days to round off her travelling wardrobe. *polishes nails in satisfaction*. Here is mum wearing yesterday’s one, about to head off overseas for 2 months (new grandson in Italy who was supposed to have arrived 5 days ago but still isn’t here yet!) Please excuse the odd light-and-shade effect in the photo. All I could get was a few quick snaps of her on her way out the door.


Behold, what a naughty daughter I was, to be taking photos of mum packing her bags into the car instead of helping her. My excuse reason was it was better for her to find out if it was too hard for her to cart them around while she was still here in Darwin rather than in ooh say Singapore.


Oh ok it is really just because getting my mother to stay still for any photo is almost impossible, and I wanted a photo less about interesting effects of palm-tree shadows and more about the top itself.

The fabric it is made from is a light cotton from a Spotlight range inspired by  feedsack prints. This particular one has a combination of delicious colours all suiting mum perfectly. She bought enough for a dress, then decided she wanted the top instead. , She gave the rest to of the fabric to me. This top takes such a small amount of fabric to make up there is plenty left for me to play around with. And by happy coincidence my colouring is so similar to my mother’s, the fabric suits me beautifully too. Yay!

Mum and my sister who lives in London are heading to Italy via rail, through the Channel tunnel and everything! They have 4 days in Paris. I have put in a request for a photo of mum wearing one of the tops I made her, in front of the Eiffel Tower. I suspect the likelihood of getting a photo depends more on the weather being warm enough for my Territorian mum to be wearing only a cotton top, than anything else!

Fingers crossed…

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