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“Pussy bow” insanity

15 Aug

So, I fell in love with this pattern from Style Arc:

I fell in love with most of the patterns there.

I specifically fell in love with that bow-collar, apparently called a “pussy bow”.  After my frustrating session(s) with the collar of my purple paisley mod dress, I totally gave up on the original collar and trimmed the neckline into a sort of v-neck. But sadly the bottom is square, as per the original pattern, and too low for modesty.

I confess I cut that neckline in a V to leave NO possibility of me ever trying to set that collar in ever again on that dress. I put it aside, and took what I learnt from it and managed to apply the collar to the green paisley mod dress with reasonable success. (I also finished said dress and promptly wore it to the Happy Yess Markets, where I had lots of fun in it. I will post about it the moment I get the photos off my friend’s camera. My friend is in Census-collecting-land at the moment, so it could be another week or so.)

But, I angsted, what to do with very weird purple paisley dress neckline? ARGH!!!

And then, of course, I found Style Arc. No idea which of the blogs I read linked to them but whoever you are, thankyou thankyou thankyou.

Er, not that I bought the above pattern. Or indeed any – yet! Spotlight was having a pattern sale… Yes, I know I know. Another Spotlight sale. What else was I to do but purchase this Simplicity pattern? Note view A?

In my defence for financially supporting Simplicity, over a small home-grown Aussie company like Style Arc, I look better in more fitted styles. Simplicity looks like a more fitted shirt. I also love view C. A simple but elegant collar. Mmmmm. I also know from past experience that kind of collar looks lovely on me.

Don’t worry, though, I will be shopping at Style Arc for other stuff very soon.

Ok back to pussy bows. “Hey! Why don’t I put a pussy bow on my purple paisley dress? And that will also camouflage the fill-in bit I will have to do to the too-low neckline?” I thought to myself.

“My goodness me! That is a BRILLIANT idea!” I thought back.

The instructions for view A’s collary-bow-thingy made perfect sense. When I was looking at it.

But I just spent all day in the back of my mind trying to actually make it work in my head. It isn’t working. It really isn’t. Darn darn darn.

Btw, this is where the insanity is coming in. I feel insane from trying!

I really WANT it to work. The dress with said pussy bow looks fantastic in my imagination. But I can’t picture in my mind the actual technical how-to of putting the collar-bow on for the original shirt pattern, let alone for the dress. Frustrating! I don’t want to get it wrong and spoiling my gorgeous paisley dress!

Do others do that? Make something up or execute a difficult technique in their head, working out how to do it before doing it in reality? What do you do if you can’t quite get it to work in your head?

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